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Request Auburn Police Department Event Support

  1. Requesting Party
  2. Event Information
  3. City Services Needed / Requested
  4. Services Needed
  5. Specific Event Information
  6. Did you contact all surrounding residents/businesses?
  7. Does the event include the need to close streets or public areas?
  8. Will the event require the placement of a tent or temporary structure?
  9. Will the event include a parade?*
  10. Will any items sold during the event?*
  11. Do you have the proper permit to serve or sell alcohol?*
  12. Will alcohol be served?*
  13. Will food be served?*
  14. Will alcohol be sold?*
  15. Will food be sold?*
  16. Are proceeds from event benefiting a non for profit organization?*
  17. Will there be any other type of entertainment?*
  18. Will the entertainment be broadcast outside?*
  19. Are there any residents who oppose the event?*
  20. Will the entertainment or event affect a residential area?*
  21. Have arrangements been made for clean up at the conclusion of the event?*
  22. Have all affected residents been contacted?*
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