Building, Planning & Development

The Building, Planning, and Development Department is a key component to the growth of Auburn, both residentially and commercially. The department follows projects from inception to completion, including planning, permitting, and inspections. These projects can include commercial building and remodeling activities, new homes and remodeling activities, fences, pools, sheds, etc. As a department, we work with citizens, business owners, contractors, and developers to continue to make Auburn a great place to live, work and play. Questions? Please call or stop in! We are happy to help.

Meter Base Shortage

Supply chain issues are causing product shortages in several industries, including the electric industry. Auburn Electric is beginning to experience shortages of electric meter bases. Electricians, builders, businesses, and homeowners are asked to reschedule voluntary service upgrades until we replenish our inventory of meter bases (estimated to be Spring 2022) and/or source your own meter bases.

Email with any questions and further assistance.

Annual Report